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vApex Racing Driver Registration

Thanks for your intrest in joining our team. We do have some guidelines to join vApex Racing. To be considered to be a member of vApex racing you must have an active iRacing Account and be active for the past 30 days, have 50 iRacing Starts, above 2.0 Safety Racing and Class B or better License. You also must have an active email account and a headset or mic for out Teamspeak server. We are also picky about foul language as well. If you feel you cannot not control your language it might be best to look for another team that will fit your needs. But, If you satisfy with those conditions, you’re more then welcome to join vApex Racing. 

We currently have team practice and test night on Thursday's, and since the team is based out of California, We have mainly run during Pacific Time peak hours. We have both oval and road racing teams for members to choice from. 

New applicants can expect to run with us for about 3 weeks or more before we take someone to a vote. Please keep in mind foul and abusive language toward team members or other driver will not be tolerated. Yes, we all slip once and a while, but if it is a regular habit you will be removed from the team. I'm sure you won't have a problem. We are trying to project a positive image to the whole SimRacing community and to our Sponsors.

We have our own Teamspeak 3 server and everyone is expected to use it. All new applicants are to log into Teamspeak 3 and then iRacing. We use Teamspeak 3 all the time for weekly iRaces to Host Races. If you apply you will be sent the information to use our Teamspeak Server. If these things agree with you, Please fill out the form below and we'll get back with you real soon.

Please Note; we are currently not taking anymore new drivers at this time.

Driver Registration Form

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Favorite iRacing Car
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